How We Give

How we give

Warrior Flasks has given thousands of bottles to men and women that are Active Duty Military, First Responders, and Veterans. Warrior Flask was started with a mission to giveback and say thank you. We give back in many different ways. One of the ways we give back, is we send bottles around the country and overseas to deployed military units. We have a submission page that we open every month that people can submit their units and get on the giveaway list. 

 In addition to sending the flasks to different bases, we visit different military bases and fire/police stations and hand deliver bottles to our first responders and military service members. We announce on our social medias where and when Warrior Team will be visiting. 

When we ship the bottles, we place a note inside the bottle for the recipient to read. This note is written when the buyer purchases the bottle and at checkout. We do this to add personal touches from the people who purchase the flasks, and to give the recipient a special message from the purchaser. Many people have been connected through our bottles. We have had people put their email or Instagram handles on the note so that the person who receives the bottle knows who it’s from. If you are a service member and whether you are active duty military, reserve, veteran, or first responder and interested in getting on our list to receive flasks, please follow us on our social medias @warriorflask, where we post about our giveaways and how to get on the list to receive bottles. 

Forgot to write a note? That's ok. We have a generic note that we send in every bottle that doesn't have a personalized note. We do this so every service member receives a note in their Warrior Flask. 

 Who We Give To?

We give to any active duty, veterans and first responders. They may be overseas, or next door. We keep a roster of who has received the flasks, and who hasn't yet, and we strive to get a flask in every service members hands to show a token of our appreciation for what they do on a daily basis.

If you are a military member/first responder, and are curious about how to get your free flask, just follow us on our social medias where we will announce where we are headed next to give out the free flasks whereas this is the only way we give out bottles on a single unit basis. All other ways are in bulk.