Our Story

Our mission is to not only be a brand, and create the best stainless steel flasks on the market, but to represent a purpose. To give back. To say thank you. We strive to bring awareness to the troops, and veterans who need our support. They have served for our freedom, and we want to give back with a simple gesture. Whenever a flask is purchased, we will give one to the military. We will cover every expense from the production, to the shipping, and get the flasks in the militaries hands. We are a small company out of Phoenix, Arizona, trying to make a large difference. We see first hand how the veterans can be mistreated. This is why we are taking a step towards change.

Our company started in Phoenix, where it is very, very hot. We wanted to find a solution to keeping our drinks cold while they sat in the car, or were exposed to extreme temperatures. We also wanted to create a company that had meaning and could use its products as a way to say thank you and show gratitude. Our products not only make a difference in the military, but the environment. We use food grade stainless steel, and reduce plastic waste. Our bottles can be reused over and over, and still hold their strength. You won't have plastic toxins leaking into your water over time like a traditional plastic water bottle. Our bottles are constructed with durability and insulation as our top priority. 

Warrior Flask started small and began to test different designs of flasks. The process took very long, but the scrutiny paid off. We have tested our products in the most extreme of temperatures and they have outlasted all of the other products like ours on the market. Our customers are scattered throughout the USA, and are constantly putting our products through different environments, and using them every day.