Get Involved

Ways to get involved:

Want to help? Spread the word. We are on most social media platforms and can be contacted via all of them. We check them daily and feature those who post about us or share pictures. The best way to help us is through word of mouth and spreading the word. We have seen our bottles in almost every type terrain, and people find use for them everywhere. If you have a great picture that you took of your Warrior Flask, use hashtag warriorflask, or send the picture our way. Most of the time, we will post the picture on our social medias and tag you in it. If you see us somewhere, stop by and say hello. We can be found on many bases and love meeting people who know about our brand. 

Know someone in the military and want them to get a bottle? Drop us a tip via social media and pass along their contact information. We will reach out and put them on a list to receive the bottles.