We Give Back To First Responders!

When we first starting our giving, we initially only gave to the military. We were a smaller company and didn't have the resources to give back to first responders. As we grew, we started to have opportunity to provide bottles to first responders, and so we have now split the giveaways between active duty, military, and first responders and veterans. Our team has had the privilege of visiting and passing out Warrior Flasks to many amazing Police officers, Fire Fighters, EMTs and Sheriffs. Showing support to those who lay their lives on the line everyday is one of Warrior Flasks main priorities. We have donated thousands of bottles to First responders all over the United States. 

We had the honor of being invited to Shooters World for their 3rd Annual Charity Car Show to benefit their mission and the expansion of their services to Police Departments across the West Valley, in support of Angels on Patrol. We were able to pass out bottles to all the police officers that attended the event. 

Any time we get the opportunity to pass out bottles in person we do! We enjoy created a more personal experience with those who receive the bottles. 

Our team has visited and hand delivered Warrior Flasks to over 100 stations.

Thank you to all of you first responders for your daily commitment to the community and the people of this country. We appreciate your sacrifice and want to show our appreciation.