Our Past Giveaways - Read for details! (Over 12,500 Military, LEO, First Responders Impacted)

  • Over 200 Bottles Donated! (April 2018)

    Month: April, 2018 Giveaway Goal: 130 Active Duty - 50 Veterans  Giveaway Locations: Hawaii, Afghanistan  Goal met: Yes We were contacted by a company of about 115 who are stationed in Afghanistan (Pictured Above). They are working with the Special Forces and training the Afghanistan National ... View Post
  • We Love Hearing Testimonies Like This..(March 2018)

    Month: March, 2018 Giveaway Goal: 128 Active Duty - 50 Veterans  Giveaway Locations: Kuwait, Iraq, VA in Phoenix, Arizona. Goal met: Yes   For the month of March, we set our sights high. We wanted to push ourselves to give away nearly 180 (128 in Iraq & Kuwait, and 50 to the local VA) bottles... View Post
  • We hand delivered Warrior Flasks! (February 2018)

    For our second giveaway, the Warrior Flask team first went to MCRD San Diego, to pass out about 40 flasks. We hand delivered these and had great feedback. The marines were ecstatic to receive the gifts and posed for a group photo. The specific marines in the photo were all recruiters. In additio... View Post