We Love Hearing Testimonies Like This..(March 2018)

Month: March, 2018

Giveaway Goal: 128 Active Duty - 50 Veterans 

Giveaway Locations: Kuwait, Iraq, VA in Phoenix, Arizona.

Goal met: Yes


For the month of March, we set our sights high. We wanted to push ourselves to give away nearly 180 (128 in Iraq & Kuwait, and 50 to the local VA) bottles and get them into the hands of a Brigade overseas, specifically in Kuwait and Iraq, consisting of about 128 people. We were contacted by Victoria on Instagram with regards to the giveaway. She is in the 35th Engineer Brigade, based out of Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri. Throughout the month, we let our followers know what our plans were and how they could help us achieve this ambitious goal. We were in constant contact with Victoria and made arrangements to get the bottles out to her at the end of the month. She sent us pictures of them before, and after, with the bottles. She states "The support I have received from everyone while on this deployment has been amazing. The cards, the care packages, messages and encouragement are very appreciated. Yesterday my entire Brigade received Flasks from Warrior Flask. These bottles are hands down the best water bottles i've ever had. If you ever get deployed over here, you know how it gets hot as hell so this was perfect for us! I put ice in my bottle and there was still ice in that thing 36 hours later! Warrior Flasks mission truly and honestly warms my heart. For every bottle you purchase they send one out to a deployed soldier (Such as myself). If you're in the neighborhood for some awesome products, go check them out." 


(Photo taken by Victoria)

We at Warrior Flask absolutely love hearing testimonies like this. We want to get a bottle in the hands of every military member whether its active duty or veteran. We want to show our appreciate, gratitude, and thanks. With our little gestures, we hope that we can encourage others to show their appreciation for the men and women who have put their lives on the line so that we can live in peace.