Our First Giveaway

Our first giveaway is going to a small unit stationed in Afghanistan. We were contacted by this unit and are sending them all flasks for the holidays. We want to boost moral and lift the spirits of these men and women. This unit is made up of men and women in the United States Air Force, with a few Army and British sprinkled throughout.

We have sold our first 40 flasks, and are sending 40 for the holidays. We are ecstatic that we have the ability to send a holiday gift to these hard working men and women who will be away from their families during the holidays and have sacrificed so much. We hope that this can bring some added joy to their day, and can encourage others to show their appreciation and gratitude. 

Please check out social medias for updates on this and pictures of the unit once they receive the flasks! this is a direct result of the generous people who have purchased bottles and tumblers so far. Those who have purchased flasks, your thank you note will go inside the bottle so that it can be read upon the individual receiving the flask. Thank you!

Side note: If you are in the military, and have a recommendation for a unit that we can send our bottles to, please let us know. We will try our best to get our bottles in the hands of everyone who contacts us!