MORE GIVEAWAYS! (February 2020)

Giveaways are a large part of our 'why'. We truly want to make an impact and give back bottles every single month. During the giveaway process, we ask the recipients to provide pictures so that we can show those pictures to those who purchased a flask. 

We are so thankful when we receive pictures of the people that we donate bottles to. Unfortunately, not everyone can get us photos due security and permission reasons, but the photos we do get back, we post on our social medias, and website for everyone to take a look at.

Here are some photos from the last few giveaways we did.

Pictured above is the Navy’s only dedicated SOF support helicopter squadron. were deployed to the pacific and able to be moved at any time. We donated 40 bottles to this unit to keep them hydrated during long days on the job!

(Pictured above is the deployed air assault unit in Qatar as SECFOR)

"The platoon loves the flasks and are already putting them to good use. Again thank you so much for this amazing donation, it’s definitely a moral booster!"

-Daniel Matthews

We were able to donated 83 bottles to Reactor Electrical on Aircraft Carrier Harry S. Truman CVN-75. They are comprised of nuclear technicians that deal with the safe distribution of electrical power throughout the ship, and they are responsible for the operation and maintenance of 4 turbine and 4 coolant generators as well as the major ship’s service switchboards and load centers. They completed their workup cycle in preparation for their upcoming deployment.


"Everyone loves the flasks! Everyone will be hydrated for this deployment."

-Mitchell Unger

Pictured above is unit of 12 soldiers deployed in Afghanistan that we sent bottles to. They reached out via social media and we were able to put them on the giveaway list and send them bottles overseas. 

Thank you to each and every one of you who continues to support us, because without you, we wouldn't be able to send bottles to those who protect us, and this great nation.