Sending Hundreds Of Bottles Overseas (April 2019)

April was a very busy month for the Warrior Team. Every month our goals get bigger and bigger and we strive to reach thees larger goals. This month we were able to send hundreds of bottles overseas and to different bases around the county.

One of the units we sent bottles to was the VFA-97 Warhawks stationed at NAS Lemoore in California. These 200 sailors just returned home from a 7 month deployment around the world cruise in support of our country's mission at sea. We were contacted by the Family Readiness Group President stating that receiving these bottles would help build moral among our troops who spent several months away from their families, and were stationed aboard the USS Stennis without the comforts of home.

(Pictured above is the VFA-97 Warhawks)

In addition to the units over seas and around the county that we sent bottles to the Warrior Team was traveling around San Diego passing out bottles to different Fire/police stations and bases. 

First Stop was the Naval Base on North island Coronado. We got to pass out about 50 Warrior Flasks to the the whole Rescue Swimmers School!

(Pictured above is some of the guys from the Rescue Swimmers "C" School)

Next the Team made their way over to the Heartland Fire Department of Lemon Grove and La Mesa. 

(Pictured above is the Heartland Firefighters of Lemon Grove)

(Pictured above is the Heartland Firefighters of La Mesa)

Next, the Team made their way over the Camp Pendleton, where they got to pass out over 100 bottles to the Marines at Assault Amphibian School. The team was able to access the AAV's and also was given a tour of the entire Amphibian school.


(Assault Amphibian School pictured above) 

Last Stop was the National Police Department. We were able to meet the staff, police officers, and detectives, and personally hand out the bottles. For us, this takes extra time, and energy, but we love it. We truly enjoy getting to meet people face to face and show our appreciation for what they do on a daily basis to protect us and this great country. 

(Pictured above is the police officers from National City PD)

As a company we are grateful to be able to show our appreciation to all of our service members. Thank you to everyone who purchased a stainless steel bottle, whereas this wouldn't be possible if if it wasn't for all of our strong supporters!